13th Sustainment Conducts Safety Stand Down Day

Story and photos by Spc. Fabian Ortega
4th Sus. Bde. Public Affairs

FORT HOOD, Texas — The 13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) held its annual safety day here March 28 in an effort to inform Soldiers of the command about the dangers of risky behavior.

Soldiers from the 1st Medical Brigade, 15th Sustainment Bde., and the  4th Sustainment Bde. (Rear) took part in the training that highlighted personal vehicle safety, domestic violence and substance abuse.

“We’re trying to counter the threat of personal vehicle accidents and personal injuries while here in garrison,” said Donnie Robinson, 13th SC (E) safety officer.

“We want to try and get these Soldiers in the right mindset, where a quick risk assessment becomes natural,” Robinson said.

Army Substance Abuse Program representatives set up stations that illustrated the hazards drinking beyond the legal limit of .08. Representatives brought goggles that gave users blurred vision that simulated vision while drunk.

Spc. Baniah J. Rogers, an administrative specialist with Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Special Troops Battalion, 15th SB, 13th SC(E) said he hopes “Soldiers become more aware of the risks involved with drinking and driving,” after visiting the ASAP stations.

“(The training) definitely lets the Soldiers be more aware of what they really should be doing, and what a lot of people experience while being drunk,” said Rogers.

After trying on the drunk goggles Rogers said, “You lose your center of gravity, it’s difficult to see straight, and even looking down is difficult, everything becomes challenging.”

Rogers said he believes the safety day came at the right time.

“We’ve had so many fatalities lately, it seems that we can’t get past 30 days without hearing about a Soldier being injured or involved in a fatal accident. It can all be prevented,” said Rogers. “Hopefully today’s training does help and improves Soldiers thinking all around.”

Other stations demonstrated the importance of personal protection equipment and the affect seatbelts and other protection equipment can have on of vehicular accidents.

A representative from Killeen Power Cycle held motorcycle safety demonstrations and was joined by various officials at different stations explaining to Soldiers the importance of personal protection equipment.

“I think we should have one of these safety days once a month, just to keep Soldiers informed,” said Cpl. Davion A. McClendon, a casualty liaison noncommissioned officer with the 502nd Casualty Liaison Team, 15th SB, 13th SC(E).  “As long they change up the scenarios, I think it would be good information for young Soldiers that come in the Army each and every year,” said McClendon. “I don’t think they really know about what’s been happening to Fort Hood Soldiers drinking and driving and a lot of accidents.

“As longs as they can stay informed and know what’s going, that will help them make more informed decisions,” McClendon said.


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