13th ESC Cleans Out Fort Hood's Closet

Story and Photos by Pfc. Naveed Ali Shah
13th ESC Public Affairs

The 13th Sustainment Command (expeditionary) is spearheading Operation Clean Sweep, a ‘War on Excess,’ here at Fort Hood Dec. 17, 2008, thru April 1, 2009.

Due to high operational tempo and turnaround of personnel, the usual climate of supply discipline has waned. Frequently, unit commanders receive new equipment for deployment, but will not turn in old, unnecessary, and often unusable equipment. Hence, an enormous surplus of supplies has been accrued here at Fort Hood and, as the executive agent for III Corps, the 13th ESC has been tasked with purging it.

“The 13th ESC [Support Operations] is helping with a transformation to refit, repair, and redeploy units with equipment they need,” said Lt. Col. Richard J. Tate, integration chief, Support Operations, 13th ESC.

Operation Clean Sweep is built around four phases. Phase one seeks to identify excess material, as well as train the unit on the turn-in process. Units are trained by one of three teams of logistical subject matter experts from the 13th ESC SPO. Phase one ran from Dec. 17 to about Jan. 15.

“It’s up to the unit’s to build an excess list,” said Tate, “And this phase sort of culminates with a big two-day training session.”

Phase two is the identification, segregation, and preparation of excess. Each unit was required to open up all containers and place excess into unit piles according to class. During this phase the SME teams are also made available to units to answer questions.

“At the end of phase two the first general officer in the chain of command conducts a walk through to get eyes on all the equipment,” said Tate.

The next part of Operation Clean Sweep, phase three, is the actual turn-in process. Phase three began approximately Jan. 26, however, phases two and three overlap due to differing turnaround times between each individual unit.

During phase three units turn-in their excess equipment, which is then redistributed to units that need it or it is sold back to the supplier for a credit to the unit and III Corps.

“Basically, Clean Sweep is just a way to help the unit commander get rid of things they don’t need for their mission,” said Tate. 

The final step in the process is the senior leader walk through to validate that the task was accomplished to standard.

With over 17 brigade size elements participating in Operation Clean Sweep, so far $6.1 million in excess has been identified, and only a third of the unit’s are reporting as of Feb. 9.

Tate said, “One unit’s excess is another unit’s treasure.”


13th ESC Cleans Out Fort Hood’s Closet (photo)

13th ESC Cleans Out Fort Hood’s Closet (photo)

13th ESC Cleans Out Fort Hood’s Closet (photo)