Wranglers finish out the Summer with a Splash

FORT HOOD, Texas — Servicemembers are usually seen as brothers-in-arm, but a big factor in any Soldier’s life is their Families. For Soldiers of the 4th Sustainment Brigade, the coming school year gave units the opportunity to include Family members in their daily operations.

“The Wranglers are truly becoming a Family first unit,” said the 4th Sustainment Brigade Commander, Col. Ronald Kirklin. “As a whole we are always looking for new innovative ways to make the Family Readiness Groups stronger and in doing so will have many more opportunities for Soldiers and their Family members to have fun.”

More than 400 Wranglers and Family members who attended the brigade sponsored back-to-school pool party had a chance to enjoy the last days of summer.

“This is a great team building event for people’s Families to socialize and learn about each other,” said Sgt. Edmun C. Fore, a member of the 62nd Quartermaster Company. “Since I have been with my unit, there has been a Family first mentality, but now it feels that the brigade is giving Family readiness an extra push, and it’s really appreciated.”

“My son is having a blast,” said Fore, “I told him there was a pool party and he said he wanted to go, so we are here. This is good fun.”

While instituting a new era with Family Readiness support throughout the entire brigade, individual companies have taken their own initiative to plan their own Family activities.

“We are here to support the Family and support the Family first corps with a little fun and exercise,” said Capt. Thomas Davis, the commander of the 263rd Maintenance Company. “This is a tough year with our upcoming deployment and this is just another way to spend time with Family.”

“We are building a strong company Family Readiness Group and in doing so we invited the spouses and kids out for [a unit run] to see what their significant others do on a daily basis,” said Davis.

“We had about 45 spouses and kids come out, and they all did great,” he said. “A few of them took off as soon as we started running, but in the end they all finished the run.”

For Pfc. Vontina Johnson, a Soldier and a mother with the 263rd, the Family run was an event to bring her kids so they could experience what she does first-hand.

“I loved the run,” said Johnson. “My kids have never had a chance to see me do my job, so now they know where I go and what I do when I leave early in the morning.”

Johnson completed the run while pushing her baby Kendarrius in a stroller while her older son Bean ran along side of her.

“It was good, I wished my company did this more often,” she said. “It’s a chance to get my kids out of the house, and I really appreciate it a lot.”









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