Adopt-A-School Makes a Difference

Capt. Ariana Roscoe
Brigade Troops Battalion Public Affairs

TEMPLE, Texas — The Brigade Troops Battalion and the 49th Transportation Battalion – Rear Detachment began their all volunteer Adopt-A-School tutoring and service program with Meridith-Dunbar Elementary School for this year on Sept. 23.

BTB has been an active partner with the Temple school for more than 10 years. The program is intended to provide students grades first through third small group tutoring, mentorship, and assistance through fundraisers.

Adopt-A-School is 100 percent optional for Soldiers and this year 13 have chosen to volunteer. The program duration is a little over eight months and will end on the first week of June.

Capt. Monique Whyte, Rear-Detachment Commander for 49th Transportation Battalion, Brigade Troops Battalion serves as the unit's primary coordinator for Adopt-A-School and she is a second year volunteer.

Whyte spoke passionately about her involvement with the school, "I feel like I'm working to make a difference in this community. I see how much need there is and it's a drives for me; it's in my heart to continue to assist this school."

Whyte and her team of volunteers recently completed their first fundraiser by collecting donated school supplies and last year she helped raise $500 dollars for student field trips.

The unique platform of Adopt-A-School offers much needed support. Last year the elementary school was one of four schools in the Temple Independent School District to receive unfavorable academic ratings.

Second-year school principal, Wanda Reynolds, praised the 49th Trans. Bn. for their continual support, "I not only consider them a source of support but a partnership."

Mrs. Reynolds said she was grateful for the unit's commitment. "They really stand by this school."


news photo
Volunteers from the 4th Sustainment Brigade display donated school supplies with the Meridith-Dunbar Elementary School Principal Wanda Reynolds. (U.S. Army Photo by Capt. Ariana Roscoe)