Silver Knights Bring Thanksgiving to Their Own

Sgt. John D. Ortiz
Public Affairs NCO
4th Sustainment Brigade

FORT HOOD, Texas — There’s something simply American in gazing upon a freshly baked turkey as it’s pulled from an oven, accompanied with the classic trimmings that embody a meal on Thanksgiving Day.

With the help of numerous individuals assigned to the 1st Medical Brigade, the unit brought Thanksgiving to 44 Soldiers and their families, who otherwise might not have experienced this American tradition.

"We put together baskets that contained a full meal for Soldiers that have a financial need within our brigade," said Gladys Mendoza, the 1st Medical Brigade Family Readiness Support Assistant. "The baskets all contained enough to feed four people and included a turkey, stuffing, sides, and desert."

Partnering with company level command teams, the brigade command financial specialist, and unit FRSAs, the 1st Medical Brigade Rear Detachment Command Team received a list of 50 Soldiers who had a need for assistance to have a thanksgiving dinner.

With Army Community Service donating 14 thanksgiving dinner baskets, the 1st Medical Brigade put together a plan to help those 36 who did not qualify.

In a little more than seven days, the medical brigade not only met its goal of providing all 50 Soldiers with assistance, the brigade had enough left over to start a food closet to further put in place programs to help their own Soldiers.

In providing help for their Soldiers, assistance came from very far places.

"We had Silver Knights in Iraq donate money to buy turkeys, and Soldiers and families here donated their own time and money for us to be successful," said Mendoza. "It was a group effort. Soldiers and families by themselves could not have done it by themselves, but together we were very successful."

With the Christmas holidays approaching, there are families, who have to cut back on their festivities due to unforeseen events; fortunately it is also the time of year when generosity is at its highest.

"It's the time of the year to take five minutes and give something back and provide for Soldiers who need a little bit of help," said Lt. Col. Cephus Roupe, the 1st Medical Brigade Rear-Detachment Commander.

"This is not a handout at all, it's to help and support families and to take care of our own," he said. "We have individual Soldiers stepping up to the plate using their own dollars, own resources, and own time to help our own Silver Knights."







news photo
FORT HOOD, Texas — Spc. Jamie Behnke, a member of the brigade communications office, puts a ready-made pie into a Thanksgiving basket prepared by the 1st Medical Brigade to give to Soldiers who are undergoing financial strain. The baskets contain enough food to feed a family of four and contain all the trimmings for an All-American meal.
(U.S. Army Photo by Sgt. John D. Ortiz)

news photo
FORT HOOD, Texas — Spc. Gregory Tresvant, a member of the 1st Medical Brigade Headquarters and Headquarters Company Supply Office chooses different cans of vegetables to put into a Thanksgiving basket to donate to Soldiers and their families who are undergoing hardship.
(U.S. Army Photo by Sgt. John D. Ortiz)