Wranglers Forward March through Dallas

Sgt. John D. Ortiz
Public Affairs NCO
4th Sustainment Brigade

DALLAS — The cadence line, “standing tall, looking good, outta be in Hollywood,” isn’t just a verse sung while marching Soldiers, it is also a verse that can describe the 4th Sustainment Brigade Color Guard as they marched down the streets leading the annual Dallas Veteran’s Day Parade.

On a day that signifies the ending of World War I on the 11th Hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, Veteran’s Day pays tribute to the past, present, and future veterans of the United States.

Leading the annual Veteran’s Day Parade, the Wrangler Brigade Color Guard was the first sight more than several thousand people saw as they lead more than 120 different military units, high school bands, JROTC programs, and different civic organizations.

“I have never experienced anything quite like it,” said Spc. Shavon Jones, a member of the Brigade Troops Battalion personnel office and a four-month member of the color guard team.

“I felt important, especially when all the people started clapping for us. It was a great feeling leading the parade,” said Jones.

Even though the team made it look easy, “just like in Hollywood,” in reality, the team practiced every day for close to four hours, rehearsing all the commands and movements used by the color guard team.

“It’s a lot of hard work and practice,” said Sgt. Denorris Cloudy. “You can’t just get up there and expect to perform.”

“We practiced hours on end to make sure our timing was perfect because a lot of things need to be worked out,” said Cloudy. “Togetherness is the key element for the color guard.”

Driving to Dallas the day before, the team took a practice walk through the parade route, getting familiar with land marks and the different streets the parade would wind through.

“We wanted to get it in our minds how far we had to walk,” said Cloudy. “We originally thought it was going to be a lot harder, especially after we took the practice walk. But it turned out to be easier, because there was no traffic.”

As the team led the parade in front of the Dallas City Hall, the crowd of hundreds cheered, yelled, and clapped as the announcer said the 4th Sustainment Brigade name, making the members of the team feel grateful.

“Marching down the street, people didn’t know who we were but they were cheering and just applauding us,” said Cloudy. “It was a great feeling.”


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