664th Ordnance Company Returns in time for the Holidays

Article by: PV2 Amy M. Lane
Public Affairs Specialist
4th Sustainment Brigade

FORT HOOD, Texas — Just in time for Christmas, approximately 100 Soldiers from the 664th Ordnance Company returned home to Fort Hood Dec. 23 after a year-long deployment to Iraq.

The Soldiers received a warm welcome from an auditorium full of family and friends at the Kieschnick Gym that evening.

"It's amazing to have my wife back just in time for the holidays," said Zach M. Mclaughlin, who came out to greet his wife, Spc. Christian Petty.

"We have no special plans for Christmas; we just want to be together for the holidays," said Mclaughlin. "We just want to get back to our normal life. It was a very long and difficult year without her."

The Ammo Dogs, as the 664th is known, were conducting ammunition supply missions during their time in Iraq. They were scheduled to return on Dec. 22 but at the last minute, their homecoming was rescheduled for a day later.

Nichole R. Avera came out to greet her husband, Spc. Matt Avera, with their two children, Madison and Jordan.

"I'm so excited because we never got to spend a Christmas together as a family", Avera said. "We got married and then he got deployed two weeks later."

Avera said the family plans to spend Christmas with another military family whose

father just returned from deployment. "We're just going get together and to make it a warm holiday, do it the best that we can."

It has been a rough year without her husband, Avera said. "I've been stressed a lot but I definitely found out that I'm really stronger than I sometimes think I am. But that's part of being an Army wife sometimes. I love being an Army wife and you gotta do what you gotta do. I knew what I was getting into when I married him."

The couple's two children, Madison, 7 and Jordan, 5 were excited to show their father how much they grew and learned over the year that he was gone.

Jordan wanted to show his father that he can spell his name. "And I learned how to spell big words," said Madison. "Jordan can't yet because he's only in kindergarten."

"I can't even tell you how excited I am that we will be together as a family this Christmas," their mom said.

news photo
Fort Hood, Texas — A happy family reunites just in time for Christmas when the 664th Ordnance Company returned home from a year-long deployment Dec. 23.
(U.S. Army photo by Pvt. Sean E. Mcguire)


news photo
Fort Hood, Texas — A father lifts his son in the air at the welcome home ceremony when the 664th Ordnance Company returned from their year-long deployment to Iraq Dec. 23.
(U.S. Army photo by Pvt. Sean E. Mcguire)

news photo
Fort Hood, Texas — A young man waits anxiously to greet his father as the 664th Ordnance Company returns from their deployment to Iraq. The Soldiers were moments away from entering the gym to see their families and friends just in time for the holidays.
(U.S. Army photo by Pvt. Amy M. Lane)