Gate 2 draw begins

February 20, 2010

Photos by Sgt. Anthony Chase



FORT HOOD, Texas – Fresh off the holiday break, the Soldiers of 2-20 Field Artillery Battalion came back to some belated Christmas gifts from MANTECH. In mid January the Deep Strike Battalion started getting all of the equipment back they had left behind prior to the deployment. This equipment was well received by each of the Soldiers as everyone is anxious to get back to doing what the Battalion is known for, shooting big rockets long distances. For some this was the first time they had worked with the launchers in their military career. For others this brought back sweet memories of the last time they shot rounds down range. Many had changed positions and started to learn how to do new missions.

As each Battery starts to go over their launchers, the more seasoned NCOs would step up and start teaching the younger Soldiers what to be looking for and how these awesome pieces of machinery are supposed to work. MANTECH was very impressed with the expertise of many of the Deep Strike NCOs and this helped them achieve their goal of delivering the equipment in perfect condition.

Even the Battalion Commander, LTC Brian Hammer, was anxious about starting to train with the launchers. “There is something about firing those first missiles that raises everyone’s morale".