Deep Strike Run

February 28, 2010

Photos by CPL Richard Lee

Deep Strike Run

Photo by CPL Richard Lee

FORT HOOD, Texas – Ending out another week of training, inventories, and installations, 2-20 Field Artillery Battalion took the brisk Friday morning to run as a Battalion down Battalion Ave. Everyone formed up in front of the Battalion Headquarters Building with the music playing. The Battalion S-6 shop had the PA system up and running providing the best amped up music to get everyone ready for a long run. As soon as revelry was complete 2-20 Field Artillery Battalion took off down Battalion Ave. LTC Brian Hammer out in front of the formation lead the Army’s only Bad Ass Battalion up and down the main run route for Fort Hood. Each of the Batteries followed in the espree da corps run, sounding off their cadence as loud as they could. Command Sergeant Major Michael Hatfield went up and down the formation listening to the motivated Soldiers and determining who was going to win the motivation streamer for their guidon.

To finish off the run LTC Hammer led the Battalion completely around the 41st Fires Brigade Headquarters. Sounding off as loud as they could, they attracted the attention of the Brigade Commander commending them on their motivation. At the end of the run the Battalion sounded off as loud as they could each Battery trying to earn the motivation streamer. In the end Charlie Battery, Stallions, was the most motivated Battery in the Battalion.