Deep Strike Vision

The purpose of this long term vision is to prepare 2-20 FA for deployment in either core MLRS tasks (CMETL) or directed mission tasks (DMETL). We will follow the Army ARFORGEN process and focus on equipment, command and control, training, Soldiers and families through the reset and training portion of ARFORGEN.

Key Tasks

  • Re-establish BN systems

  • Certify Platoons in core tasks

  • Receive and recover equipment to -10/20 standards

  • Keep families informed and trained

  • Quickly reintegrate new Soldiers and families onto the Deep Strike team

End State

A capabilities based organization consisting of trained and ready Soldiers and systems, capable of conducting autonomous BN operations with batteries and companies certified in core mission tasks. Resilient Soldiers and families confident they can continue to thrive despite long term separation.

Deep Strike!

Deep strike!!