Welcome to the 36th Engineer Brigade web presence. For post information please call: 254-287-1110. If you notice any Suspicious Activity report it to:   254-288-COPS.

Welcome to the 36th Engineer Brigade web presence. For post information please call: 254-287-1110. If you notice any Suspicious Activity report it to: 254-288-COPS.


The 36th Engineer Brigade was originally constituted on 1 October 1933 as the 36th Engineer Regiment and activated on 1 June 1941 at Plattsburg Barracks, New York. Since then, the unit has served with great distinction during almost every major conflict, including World War II, the Korean War, the Gulf War, and most recently, Operation Iraqi Freedom.During World War II the 36th Engineer Regiment consisted of nine combat engineer companies trained for amphibious assault and support operations. The regiments' proud history as one of the first engineer units to fight using amphibious tactics is mirrored in the unit's distinctive insignia, a seahorse on a red and white shield, proclaiming the prowess demonstrated during its five amphibious assault landings at Algeria-French Morocco, Sicily, Naples Foggia, Anzio, and Southern France. On 15 February 1945, the unit was redesignated as the 36th Engineer Combat Group, and following World War II it reorganized at Fort Lewis, Washington.During the Korean War, the 36th Engineer Combat Group consisted of four engineer battalions and four additional engineer companies, earning two Meritorious Unit Citations and the Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation.The unit inactivated on 30 May 1972, and reactivated on 1 July 1973 as the 36th Engineer Group (Construction) at Fort Benning, Georgia.During the 1991 Gulf War, the 36th Engineer Group (Construction) fought in support of the 24th Infantry Divisions' rapid attack to the Euphrates. The unit also deployed in support of peace enforcement missions during Operation Continue Hope in Somalia and Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti.Most recently, the 36th Engineer Group (Construction) has twice deployed to Iraq in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, executing a wide variety of construction missions in support of combat operations, including the construction of enemy prisoner of war camps, theater convoy support centers, and soldier life support areas.On 16 June 2006, the unit was redesignated the 36th Engineer Brigade and reassigned to Fort Hood, Texas as the United States Army’s first modular engineer brigade headquarters.The 36th Engineer Brigade colors carry 23 battle streamers, many earned in combat while reorganized as infantry, including service at Anzio where, for fifty days, soldiers wearing the seahorse shoulder patch held 7 miles of the front line and earned the distinction by the Germans as "The Little Seahorse Division".The unit earned 9 battle streamers during the Korean War and 2 battle streamers during the 1991 Gulf War. Recently the unit earned a battle streamer during Operation Iraqi Freedom.