Safety Spotlight


3d CR Motorcycle Safety


Soldiers shall not operate motorcycles unless they are properly trained, licensed, registered, and insured. Before operating any motorcycle, on or off the installation, Soldiers shall:


 Within 7 days of arrival to Fort Hood or acquisition of a motorcycle, enroll in an approved Motorcycle Safety Course. To register for a course call Fort Hood Army Traffic Safety at (254) 287-4639 or visit:


1. Successfully complete an approved Motorcycle Safety Course outlined in the III Corps and Fort Hood Command Motorcycle Safety Program. Download here:


2. Execute a written motorcycle safety contract with their commander as outlined in the III Corps Fort Hood and Fort Hood Motorcycle Safety program.


3. Carry at all times while operating a motorcycle the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) card issued as proof of course completion.



Soldiers are required to comply with the following personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements while either a motorcycle operator or passenger. At a minimum, Soldiers shall wear the following PPE whenever they ride or operate a motorcycle: 


1. Helmets. A Department of Transportation (DOT) certified motorcycle helmet properly fastened under the chin. This is required even if the state in which the Soldier is operating the motorcycle does not require the wear of a helmet.


2. Gloves. Full-fingered gloves or mittens designed for use on a motorcycle.


3. Clothing. Long-sleeved shirt or jacket and long trousers.


4. Sturdy Footwear. Boots or sturdy over-the-ankle shoes.


5. Eye Protection. Impact or shatter-resistant goggles, wraparound glasses or  full-face shield properly attached to the helmet in the down position.


6. Garment Visibility. A brightly colored (white, yellow, orange, silver, etc.) outer upper garment (shirt, vest or jacket) during the day and a reflective outer upper garment during dusk/dawn and at night. 


Post Registration - You can register your vehicle at the Marvin Leath Visitor’s Center. Persons must have a valid driver's license (with “M” endorsement designation for motorcycles), Motorcycle Safety Foundation Card (MSF card issued upon the completion of the Basic Riders Course, Experienced Rider Course or the Military Sports Bike Rider Course), current vehicle registration, proof of insurance and a Government identification card.