Soldier of the Year
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    Photo & Story by PFC Erik Warren



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    Photo & Story by PFC Erik Warren


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    Photo & Story by PFC Erik Warren




Sgt. Jeremy Armstrong from Maddog troop 4th squadron and Elijah Swartzendruber, from Killer troop 4th squadron won the Soldier of the year and Non-commissioned Officer of the year respectively on Nov. 27. The Soldier of the year board was a competition held to discover the top Troopers within the Regiment.


“The board allows me and the command to see who the future leaders of our Army are,” said Command Sgt. Maj.  Akuna Regimental Command Sergeant Major.


The winners of this board will go on to compete again against other top Soldiers from units on post. They also earn the ability to return to their troops as role models, as well as the pride of knowing they were distinguished as the top soldiers of the Regiment.


“I feel great,” said Swartzendruber “I was doubting if I would win because of the though competition. It feels really good; I achieved something.”


“A lot of people helped me get here,” said Armstrong. “My NCOs have taught me a lot and my chain of command has really helped me grow as a leader. I’m happy that my Soldiers can say that they have the NCO of the year as their first line supervisor.”


Although not all of the contestants could win, the experience of going through and preparing for the board is just as valuable. Soldiers study and train for the board, gaining knowledge that will prepare them for a successful career through their time in the Army. Having the dedication to prepare for this competition alone set the participants apart from their peers.


“No one looses these boards,” said Akuna. “Yes people are named as Soldier and NCO of the year but no one looses because they all got into the books and learned something.”