Troopers recognized for job well done

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    Photo & Story by SGT Lance Pounds



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    Photo & Story by SGT Lance Pounds


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    Photo & Story by SGT Lance Pounds




FORT HOOD, Texas – Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Maintenance John Johns visited Tiger Squadron, 3d Cavalry Regiment Dec. 10 to personally thank Troopers for their hard work Dec. 10 at the Squadron’s motor pool. Johns’ visit also posed an opportunity for senior leaders to discuss the maintenance capabilities of the Regiment, now that it is near the end of its conversion from and Armor unit to a Stryker organization.


Johns was greeted by the Squadron commander Lt. Col. Steven Cho, who directed Johns to a conference room where they were to begin their discussions. The two first met in November, during the 2012 Secretary of Defense Maintenance Award Banquet, when Tiger Squadron was recognized as the “Best of the Best” in the large unit category.


Following the discussion, Johns was taken to the Squadron’s motor pool were a platoon of Troopers, who stood in formation waiting for their chance to meet him. Johns took this opportunity to present the Troopers with a Secretary of Defense for Maintenance coin. The coin is a direct reflection of the Squadron’s achievement, which is something the Troopers can be proud of.


 “It’s truly an honor”, said Pfc. Robert Neville, one of the Troopers to receive a coin. Neville added that it is not every day that some of Johns’ significance comes to the motor pool, let alone to shake his hand and tell him how well he is doing.


“The award winning units deserves to be recognized and not only at the maintenance banquet where we recognize a small number of leaders; so coming to the units and seeing the Soldiers who perform the actual maintenance is critical,” said Johns. “We want to make sure they know how significant their performance has been.”


After Johns met the Troopers, he was given a quick tour of the Squadrons motor pool.


Although Johns’ visit was brief, he had the opportunity to dine at the Roosevelt dinning facility where the Regimental commander John Richardson IV joined him.


“You can feel the energy in how they present themselves and in how they interact with you afterwards,” said Johns as he described the overall visit. “It’s a good feeling to be around people like that.”


Johns’ normal duties keep him occupied in Washington D.C. at the Pentagon, where he is responsible for the oversight of the Department of Defenses annual $90 billion maintenance program. For This visit served as a personal congratulation to the Troopers of Tiger Squadron and an opportunity for leaders to gain insight into the capabilities of their maintenance program.