Soldiers find solace

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    Photo & Story by PFC Erik Warren



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    Photo & Story by PFC Erik Warren


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    Photo & Story by PFC Erik Warren





FORT HOOD, Texas – Mission comes first for Soldiers in the Army. Troopers in 3rd Squadron “Thunder”, 3d Cavalry Regiment, take time to worship despite their busy work schedule in the field.

Christians around the world celebrated Holy Week from March 24-31. Most Christians regard this week as one of the most important times of the year because it allows them to reflect on events leading to the resurrection of Jesus.

Certain days during this week are dedicated to the final events in the life of Jesus. Palm Sunday is when Jesus rode into Jerusalem and was greeted as a king by the people; Maundy Thursday was Judas’ betrayal and the Last Supper also know as the Eucharist (holy communion); the passion and death of Christ is celebrated on Good Friday; Jesus’ burial on Saturday; and his resurrection on Easter Sunday.

“As a child, I would always play Army with the boys,” said Chaplain (Capt.) Marta Conway, of Thunder Squadron. “I would have my plastic weapon in one hand any my mama’s bible in the other. I was a “quasi- soldier-chaplain-nurse”. I didn’t know what a chaplain was back then but I have always wanted to take the bible out to Soldiers.” 

Conway held three Palm Sunday services for her Soldiers while they were in the field participating in a gunnery-training event. Conway is an ordained minister of the Christian Church Disciples of Christ and has served as a chaplain in the Army for three years.

Having a church service come to you when you are in the field can be a comfort to soldiers who are stressed, worn down, or feeling as thou they need to recharge their batteries.

Soldiers are always able to reach a chaplain regardless of location. A solders spiritual needs and mental well-being are a priority to the Army. Having the asset of a chaplain willing to come and bring a church service to any location is invaluable. A soldier that is spiritually fit is stronger and more mission capable.

“When we are here in the field we don’t have the opportunity to go back to the rear and attend church, so the chaplain coming to us is good for me and I know its good for some other soldiers also,” said Pfc. Gabriel Pagan a Soldier attached to HAVOC Troop, 3d Cavalry Regiment. “Church makes me feel more comfortable and secure. Being able to come to church here relieves my mind from the pressures of the work in the field.”