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The Family Readiness Groups of 3d CR provide activities and support that enhance the flow of information, morale, and readiness within the unit. Our focus is to provide an avenue of mutual assistance and a network of communication between the family members and the chain of command—especially during times of deployment. As an official command-sponsored organization, Family Readiness Groups gain their strength from the family members, volunteers and Soldiers who belong to a unit. Together, we all work to provide an avenue of mutual support and assistance based on a network of communications among family members, the chain of command and community resources.



A Family Readiness Group . . .


• Empowers Families to become knowledgeable and self-reliant.


• Reduces Soldier and Family Member stress.


• Wants to establish a sense of family within the unit.


• Increases the Soldier’s ability to devote his or hers full attention to the mission by offering reassurance that the Family Members have close, reliable and friendly support.


• Provides Families with timely accurate and reliable information.


• Promotes more efficient use of community resources.


• Helps Family Members develop a positive attitude toward themselves, the unit, the mission and the Army.


• Helps increase moral for the Soldier and the Family Members.


• Fosters a level of cohesion and confidence for the Soldiers and Families.