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Welcome to the 3d Cavalry Regiment!

     We'd like to welcome you, the newest members of the Brave Rifles!  As you join the ranks of the Regiment of Mounted Riflemen, you are becoming an integral part of an elite team of warfighters.  We want you to be properly equipped as you begin this journey.  Check out our resources below to get you started.

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Tips for newcomers

  If authorized Permissive TDY (PTDY), Soldiers must sign into housing prior to starting the 10-day PTDY leave period.

A married Soldier whose family is not accompanying him/her to Fort Hood (in a Geographical Bachelor Status) will meet with their commander and 1SG BEFORE entering a lease off-post.

  Soldiers must sign into central inprocessing at the Copeland Center, Building 18010, no later than the specified report date in their orders.

  Being a Brave Rifle:

  • The 3d Cavalry Regiment uses the battle cry, "AI-EE-YAH!" instead of "Hooah!"  This phrase was adopted by early Mounted Riflemen from a Sioux war cry, meaning "Attack!"

  • When greeting a senior noncommissioned officer or an officer, Troopers of the Regiment sound off with "Brave Rifles," to which the response is "Veterans!" 

  • Troopers of the Regiment often wear the traditional Cavalry Stetson and spurs.  The Stetson is worn on significant occasions with ACUs and ASUs.  
    See the 3d Cavalry policy letter on wear of the Stetson here.
    Stetsons can be purchased at the Main PX or Clothing and Sales on Fort Hood.

  • Cavalry spurs are worn on special occasions by Troopers of the Regiment who have earned the right to wear them through a "Spur Ride" (silver spurs) or the successful completion of a deployment with a Cavalry unit (gold spurs).

  • For more information on 3d Cavalry traditions and customs, read Blood and Steel: The History, Traditions and Customs of the 3d Cavalry Regiment, or visit the 3d Cavalry Museum at Building 409, 761st Tank Battalion Avenue, Fort Hood, Texas.   

  • Current Troopers of the 3d Cavalry Regiment are authorized wear of the Presidential Unit Citation and the Valorous Unit Citation with one oak leaf cluster.
    See below.

*Subordinate squadrons may be authorized additional unit awards.  For a comprehensive listing of current authorized unit awards, reference pages 74-81 of Blood and Steel!

Points of contact

Copeland Center (Central Inprocessing): 254-287-3832

Fort Hood Housing: 254-287-3704 

Fort Hood Phonebook: Click here

 3d Cavalry Regiment Contacts:

  Regimental Staff Duty: 254-286-6823  
  (RHHT)Regimental Staff Duty: 254-286-6675
  (1st)Tiger Squadron HQ:  254-288-0624  
  (2nd)Sabre Squadron HQ: 254-618-7146   
  (3rd)Thunder Squadron HQ: 254-288-5601   
  (4th)Longknife Squadron HQ: 254-228-5272    
  (FIRES)Steel Squadron HQ: 254-553-3216
  (RSS)Muleskinner Squadron HQ: 254-287-6147

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WELCOME letter

from the 74th colonel

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