Trooper saves a life

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    Photos & Story by PFC Erik Warren



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    Photos & Story by PFC Erik Warren


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    Photos & Story by PFC Erik Warren




FORT HOOD, Texas – It was just another day for the Walls family; a day like any other, when a quick decision saved the life of a Soldier.


 Staff Sgt. Mark Walls, the Regimental Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of 3d Cavalry Regiment’s command group, and his wife Erika did not know they would save Spc. Christopher Sweeney, a Soldier assigned to 85th Civil Affairs Brigade, who suffered from a mild-seizure while driving down T.J. Mills Blvd.


The couple was awarded an Army Commendation Medal and a Certificate of Appreciation by the Regimental Commander, Col. John Richardson, for their heroic decision to act in the face of danger Nov. 21 in the Robertson conference room of the Regiment Headquarters.


Walls first became aware of a problem when he noticed the vehicle in front of him swerving up onto the curb. As they approached the vehicle, Mrs. Walls saw that Sweeney was shaking violently and from her veterinary training she knew he was having a seizure.


In keeping with the Army value of selfless service, the couple decided to take action by driving in front of Sweeney’s vehicle and forcing it into the back of their vehicle. Walls was able to guide both vehicles safely to the side of the road, stopping Sweeney’s vehicle.


“We just knew we had to get him stopped,” said Mrs. Walls. “He could have hurt more people.”


While emergency services where in route, Walls kept Sweeney calm as Mrs. Walls checked his vital signs. Sweeney was then taken to the hospital and soon released.


Sweeney often thinks about what would have happened if Walls had not been there. He most likely would have had a very serious collision resulting in lives lost; either Sweeney’s or a passerby.


“I probably would not be here today if not for Walls,” said Sweeney. “I could have injured someone, and I was extremely happy he was there and did what he did.”


“We just try to help people, everyone in the Army is a Soldier and we try to save lives,” said Walls.


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