INSTALLATION STATUS: Welcome to the 4th Sustainment Brigade | Wranglers web presence. For post information please call: 254-287-1110. If you notice any Suspicious Activity report it to:   254-288-COPS.

Welcome to the 4th Sustainment Brigade | Wranglers web presence. For post information please call: 254-287-1110. If you notice any Suspicious Activity report it to: 254-288-COPS.

49th Movement Control Battalion




LTC Blumenfeld, Charles III BN CDR 287-5749 512-589-0529
MAJ Mackall, Toby BN XO 287-1348 254-630-5976
CSM Culp, Vickie BN CSM 286-5966 254-630-2373
SPC Haley, Kristen CMD GROUP DRIVER 288-4516 254-251-8157
    STAFF DUTY 287-3951  
    BN S-1    
1LT Herring, Hope BN S-1 OIC 287-1667 575-202-1368
SFC Hardnett, Warren BN S-1 NCOIC 287-1655 254-630-0060
PVT-SPC Sanchez, Wilfred BN S-1 HELP DESK 287-8287 781-535-7548
    BN S-2    
SGT Long, George BN S-2 NCOIC 287-1735 336-707-7910
    BN S-3    
MAJ Walker, William BN S-3 OIC 288-3113 254-630-3531
SFC Ferguson, Daniel BN S-3 NCOIC 287-1847 863-944-4864
    BN S-4    
CPT Smith, Lavina BN S-4 OIC 287-1289 757-817-8529
SFC Bernard, Ian BN S-4 NCOIC 287-7993 843-446-8089
CW2 Wilson, Rachel BN PBO 287-1598 254-258-4711
    BN S-6    
CPT N/A BN S6 OIC 287-1316 N/A
SSG Sanchez, John BN S6 NCOIC 286-5269 254-702-2554
SPC Lowry, Bernard BN S-6 HELP DESK 286-5269 707-951-7826


CPT Mckenzie, Ponnicaterral  CO CDR 288-5244 864-680-4848
SFC Briseno, Serafin CO 1SG 288-5933 956-750-0000
SGT Avenido, Jonathan Orderly NCO 288-5690  
SPC Matarico, Leslie TRAINING OFFICE 288-5181 805-621-3760
    80th MCT    
CPT Davis, Angela  CO CDR 254-287-9792 254-449-3906
SFC Guerrero, Paul CO 1SG 254-287-9792 254-449-6538
PVT-SPC   ORDERLY ROOM 254-287-9792  
    96th TC    
CPT Thomas, Latasha  CO CDR 254-287-1321 804-605-2026
1SG Gordon, Charlie CO 1SG 254-287-5386 N/A
PVT-SPC   ORDERLY ROOM 254-287-6127  
    151st MCT    
1LT Golden, Grace  CO CDR 254-553-0812 786-759-4291
SFC Lobo, Shawn CO 1SG 254-288-4973 360-561-7038
CPL Fox, Alexandra ORDERLY ROOM 254-288-4978 503-915-8637
    154th TC    
CPT Wilkerson, Ken  CO CDR 254-553-1998 254-317-6245
1SG Taylor, Victor CO 1SG 254-287-6011 N/A
PVT-SPC   ORDERLY ROOM 254-553-0983  
PVT-SPC   MAINTENANCE 254-288-8940  
PVT-SPC   OPERATIONS 254-288-8898  
    259th MCT    
CPT KOH, Lydia  CO CDR 254-288-5979 407-373-5189
SFC Rodriguez, Ivan CO 1SG 254-288-5688 254-319-7933
PVT-SPC   ORDERLY ROOM 254-288-5680  
    297th ICTC    
CPT FINK, WESLEY E.  CO CDR 254-287-6410 254-449-3906
1SG Hood, Kenneth CO 1SG 254-553-0939 757-812-1221
PVT-SPC Spencer, Denise ORDERLY ROOM 254-553-0940 N/A
PVT-SPC Classen, Micheal MAINTENANCE 254-288-0069 N/A
PVT-SPC James, Cynitha OPERATIONS 254-288-8854 N/A
    571st MCT    
CPT Meekins, Jounita  CO CDR 254-553-1414 254-251-5303
SFC Pierce, Richard CO 1SG 254-553-1415 N/A
PVT-SPC   ORDERLY ROOM 254-553-1415  
CPT Brooks, Timothy CHAPLAIN 553-3537 864-441-1620
SPC Beck, Brian CHAPLAIN ASST. 287-1496 717-779-8786
2LT Cook, Patrick SAFETY N/A N/A
SSG Sanchez, John BN EO 286-5269 254-702-2554
SSG Ortiz, Myriam BN SHARP 286-1616 254-319-5201
SFC Gonzalez CFS N/A N/A
CIV Gabriela Galvin FRSA 287-1796 291-0772
SGT Banister, Claressa REENLISTMENT 288-5181 757-754-1092
SGT Smith, Tasha 4SUS BDE Legal 254-553-7018 N/A
1LT Farris, Lesli BMO 254-288-8857 N/A
CW2 Houston, Charles BMO 254-288-8857 N/A
MSG Logan, Jack BMO 254-288-8857 N/A


"We will train, we will operate professionally, we will serve the community, we will build teams and develop team players, and finally, we will continue to be the best movement control battalion in the United States Army."


LTC Bell


"Our Soldiers and Noncommissioned Officers are the centerpiece of the best equipped, trained, and led Army in history. I am honored to serve alongside these great heroes."


CSM Culp