303rd Military Intelligence Battalion

  truck The 303rd Military Intelligence Battalion deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom on several occasions between 2004-2012. In June 2011, the 303rd MI Battalion, as part of the 504th Battlefield surveillance Brigade, deployed to Afghanistan (OEF). The Battalion managed over 78 teams, including RFF units from the Navy and Air force across 48 provinces on 38 different COPS and FOBS.

Co CDRSoldiers with the 303rd MI BN TF Longhorn conducted more than 1,600 combat operations in some of the most hostile areas of Afghanistan. The 303rd HUMINT teams conducted over 2900 interrogations and 5,000 HUMINT source meetings. Sigint Teams provided over 10,000 hours of outside-the-wire support to force protection incidents and investigated or neutralized 95 percent of them.

Soldiers of the 303rd generated 25,000 intelligence reports, captured 45 CJTF-1 JPEL High Value Targets, and detained over 139 additional insurgents, and recovered 48 weapons caches. Throughout its deployment, the 303rd ‘Longhorns’ Battalion strongly supported the Afghan reintegration program, a top priority for the government of Afghanistan.