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Support of Montague Elementary Earns the Longhorns, KISD Sponsor of the Year

303rd Military Intelligence Battalion is the proud sponsor of the Montague Village Elementary School – an essential part of the Battalion’s Family and Community Line of Effort.  The Battalion is especially proud to be the “KISD Sponsor of the Year” for 2012 with a goal of continuing to raise the bar on that achievement in 2013.  Maintaining a strong community presence helps strengthen the bond between our Battalion and the community we live and work in and demonstrates support to those who educate our children.

The Longhorns help by supporting the School in several events to include the following activities.

      --Three days a week, Soldiers assist the student and faculty during the lunch period.  Whether it is helping the students move efficiently through the cafeteria line or opening a juice box, a Longhorn Soldier is there to help.

      --You’ll see Longhorn Soldiers helping during the School’s Club Fairs and various after-school programs.  The tasks of helping set up book displays, passing out materials, and managing the flow of students from station to station are gladly taken on by helpful Soldiers from the 303rd.

      --The Longhorns are an important ingredient in supporting Montague Elementary School’s Field Gram and Field Day.  Each year Longhorns do a tremendous job to make these events run successfully.  You might find a Longhorn counting push-ups at one station or simply making sure that students get from event to event.  Their help is greatly appreciated by the School and the students enjoy the Soldiers' involvement.