3253rd Signal Service Company

  truck  The 303rd Military Intelligence Battalion's lineage dates back to WWII when the 3253rd Signal Service Company was organized on 12 April 1944 and activated on 25 April 1944. Its mission was to gain intelligence from the interception of radio communications between German forces opposing Allied operations in France.

Co CDR Commanded by Captain Emory L. Jones, the 3253rd trained until 8 June at Wincham Hall, Cheshire and then moved to quarters at Burton Bradstock, Dorsetshire.

On 10 July, 1944 the 3253rd arrived at Omaha Beach, then pushed inland to Senonville on 12-13 July. During the next week, the unit’s 5 officers and 116 enlisted men gathered their equipment, found their targets, and on 19 July began 24 hours around the clock coverage and daily reporting to the Signals Intelligence Service in its European Theater of Operations.

Supporting XV CORPS as part of Patton's 3d Army, the 3253rd provided critical support during the Army's breakout from Normandy in August 1944.  Patton noted being warned by "a secret source" that the enemy intended to counterattack toward Avranches, France and threaten XV Corps movement along the German Southern flank of Normandy

The 3253rd would continue to support the XV Corps in 3rd Army and later with 7th Army.  The Company would see action in France, Germany, and Austria and earn battle streamers for five campaigns.