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Family Readiness Support Assistant

Mrs. Amy Szymanski

Mrs. Amy Szymanski

My office is located in BLDG 91231 Room 104G inside of the S1 Shop. Hours M-F 0900-1700 and after hours by appointment

Office # 254-287-9169

Cell # 254-630-9609


Websites: 163d MI BN FRG (must have an AKO account to access the site)
Army FRG (no AKO account needed)

NOTE: If you need help registering for either site please contact me and I will help you through it.

FRG Mission Statement

The FRG is an organization of family members, volunteers, soldiers, and civilian employees belonging to a unit/organization who together provide an avenue of mutual support and assistance and a network of communication among the members, the chain of command, and community resources. Unit FRGs consist of all assigned and attached soldiers (married and single), their spouses, and children. This membership is automatic, and participation is voluntary. Extended families, fianc�es, boy/girlfriends, retirees, DA civilians, and even interested community members can and should be included, as well.


Based on the FRG mission statement, the FRG may fill many important roles, including:

  • Build soldier and family cohesion and morale;
  • Prepare soldiers and families for separation during deployments and, later, for the stresses of reunion;
  • Reduce soldier and family stress;
  • Reduce the commander�s and other leaders� workloads;
  • Help soldiers focus on their mission during deployments;
  • Help families become more self-sufficient;
  • Provide an avenue for sharing timely, accurate information; and
  • Promote better use of post and community resources.

The FRG is:

  • An information conduit
  • A welcoming organization
  • A self-help, referral organization
  • A source of social support and group activities
  • A unit family dedicated to achieving social and military goals

The FRG is not:

  • A babysitting service
  • A taxi service
  • A financial institution
  • A professional counseling agency
  • Another military organization

If you have questions about your Family Readiness Group (FRG) or about Army life in general please let me know. If I do not know the answer I will find it or the person you need to speak to as quickly as possible. If you would like to volunteer we would love to have your help!

If you would like to receive the monthly Blue Watch newsletter please contact me and let me know. It can either be sent digitally (email) or as a hardcopy (regular mail.)

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