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Distinctive Unit Insignia

163d MI BN Distinctive Unit Insignia

Description: A gold color metal and enamel device 1 3/16 inches (3.02 cm) in height overall consisting of a gold Philippine sun surmounted by two gold anchors, in saltire, overall a Korean Taeguk in the colors of the Republic of Korea red and blue, all between two scrolls both originating at the horizontal arms of the Philippine sun and showing a gold reverse passing in back of the anchors, and each with a blue obverse, one arched across the top of the device inscribe �KNOWLEDGE� and one arched below the device inscribed �IS POWER� in gold letters.

Symbolism: The two crossed anchors allude to the two United States Presidential Unit Citations (Navy) awarded to the organization. The sun alludes to Philippine war service and to the Philippine Presidential Unit Citation. The Taeguk symbolizes the Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation and the Battalion�s ten battle honors in the Korean War.

Background: The distinctive unit insignia was approved on 13 August 1970.

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