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Welcome to the 69th ADA BDE S3

Our motto: “Bring the pain”


S3 General Mission

69th Air Defense Brigade operations staff (S3) serves as the principle staff section for all matters concerning training, operations, and plans.  The S3 section is responsible for advising, planning, coordinating and supervising all current and future Brigade operations to meet higher unit’s intent.



On order 69TH ADA BDE rapidly deploys forces worldwide to conduct air and missile defense operations in order to protect the force and selected geopolitical assets from aerial attack, missile attack, and surveillance while maintaining our warfighting readiness for CONUS based forces conducting garrison operations. 


Meet the BDE Commander’s Intent for all garrison and operational requirements within the Brigade. S3 meets this intent through operations in 4 major areas whether in garrison or deployed, and at all echelons of command.

FUOPS CUOPS Schools Land/Ammo
Planning 6 months out ORDERS (2 HQs) DTS Reservations
LRTC Taskings WLC/ALC Ammo distro
Resource allocation Planning 30 days out

Fire Defense Cell
Post Troop schools
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  • Army Risk Assessment

  • CMD Group (254) 287-4837
    Staff Duty (254) 553-4009