What is Civil Affairs?

Civil Affairs Operations are specific operations conducted by Civil Affairs forces that:
(1) Enhance the relationship between military and civil authorities in localities where military forces are present.
(2) Require coordination with other interagency organizations, IGO, NGOs institutions, and the private sector.
(3) Involve application of functional specialty skills that normally are the responsibility of civil government to enhance the conduct of civil-military operations. Also called CAO.

Common Tasks of Civil Affairs

Populace and Resources Control (PRC)
   Commanders define and enforce controls during times of civil or military emergencies.
   PRC operations are executed in conjunction with and part of all military operations.

Foreign Humanitarian Assistance (FHA)
   FHA missions are programs conducted to relieve or reduce the results of natural or man-made disasters.
   Examples of FHA missions are responses from disasters causing human pain, disease, hunger, or a need presenting a serious threat to human life.

Civil Information Management (CIM)
   CIM is the process whereby civil information is collected, entered into a central database, and internally fused with the supported element, higher HQ, and other USG and DOD agencies, IGOs, and NGOs.

Nation Assistance (NA)
   NA is civil or military assistance (other than FHA) rendered to a nation by U.S. forces within that nation’s territory during peacetime, crises or emergencies, or war; based on agreements mutually concluded between the United States and the host nation.

Support to Civil Administration (SCA)
   SCA are military operations that help to stabilize or to continue the operations of the governing body or civil structure of a foreign country, whether by assisting an established government or by establishing military authority over an occupied population.