"Protecting Fort Hood starts with you. If you see or hear anything suspicious, call 288-COPS (2677). Think...Protect...OPSEC!."


The Official Home Page of the Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization, and Security

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Synchronizes with tenant organizations within III Corps and Fort Hood the highest possible level of protection for Soldiers, civilian employees and family members, as well as the information infrastructure and equipment by:

Collecting, analyzing, and disseminating threats and threat related information

Managing the installation defense in accordance with mandated FPCON

Establishing civil-military partnership to combat and defend against known threats and weapons of mass destruction

Increasing antiterrorism awareness for military personnel, civilians and their dependents through a sound education program

Force Protection Branch POC Listing

Position Phone
Chief Force Protection 254-286-5377
Plans/Exercise 254-286-5592
Infrastructure/CVAMP 254-553-2782
CBRNE/MNS 254-285-6959
Red Team 254-288-6466/254-288-6959

AKO users can access the Installation Force Protection Folder, once authorization is granted, at this address: https://www.us.army.mil/suite/portal/index/jsp

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