Welcome to the Career Skills Program

Career Skills Programs are vocational and technical training programs that focus on the practical application of learned skills, and can lead to high probability of employment in a specific career or technical trade.

Mandatory briefings are held every Tuesday at 1330 hours in room B110 of the Copeland Soldier Service Center.

Contact Information

Roland Larson:  roland.s.larson.civ@mail.mil,  254-287-6518
Sarah Coleman:  sarah.e.coleman21.ctr@mail.mil,  254-285-5542
Regina Thomas:  regina.a.thomas.ctr@mail.mil,  254-287-3906

Located in the Soldier Development Center, Education Services, Bldg 33009, Room G261


Program Descriptions

GM/Raytheon (Shifting Gears) – 12 weeks:

Automotive Technician Training, not a fully certified GM mechanic upon completion but close. Recruiter specifically looking for 91Bs, but will take anyone with mechanical background and genuine passion for cars. 4300 dealerships across the country, mainly outside the Central Texas area. Program does not provide tools, but works with solider to help them negotiate their compensation package. Training is done on newer vehicles, with real focus on diagnosis and trouble shooting. 30 students per class. Class is offered approximately four times per year. Training is done for the full five days of the week. Training is free of charge.

Veterans in Piping (VIP)—18 Weeks:
Welding Program that roles graduates into a five year Union apprenticeship. This training equals one full year off the five year apprenticeship. Placements are made at 276 union locations across the nation. Class runs four days a week, ten hours a day. Students must pass a number of welding test without imperfections. Looking for students who are looking to make this a long lasting career. Training is free of charge.

Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program (HOH)—12 Weeks:
Corporate partnership that runs a Management Level project with participating industry businesses. Three days a week, students are with the company. One day per week, cohort is at the Texas Workforce Commission for classroom training. The Partner companies change with each cohort, dependent upon the make-up of students and their backgrounds. HOH has a strict deadline of events in order to be selected for the class. Generally, application is due two months prior to the start date of class. Resumes are required for selection. Most of the internship opportunities are out of Austin, Temple and Waco. Students must understand there is a transportation requirement. Training is free of charge.

DFW Airport Police Academy Program—19 Weeks:
DFW Airport Police are responsible for the airport as well as the 35 mile radius around it. It is the 3rd highest paying police force in Texas. Training is in conjunction with Central Texas College. Upon completion they are certified Texas Police officers (bear in mind some departments have specific additional requirements) and have a commitment to go to work with the DFW Airport Police department. DFW Airport Police department has a strict timeline of events for application. The most recent class had an application deadline approximately four months prior to class start date. This is because of the extensive application process, background investigation, physical fitness test, and psychological examination. Training is free of charge.

Dell IT Industry-Client Pro Support—17 Weeks:
Call Center position located in Round Rock, TX. Great opportunity for service members looking to stay in the area. Technical Support agent in an incoming call center environment, resolving technical issues associated with Desktop, Portable, and Tablet lines of business. No technical or IT Background needed. Training is free of charge

VA’s Warrior Training Advancement Course (WARTAC) – 10 weeks – Veterans Service Representatives:
Federal Position as a Veterans Service Representative. Students will learn how to document and compile health information that will eventually lead to a disability rating. Work environment is an office, cubicle style with constant flow of paperwork and fast turnaround times. Students have the opportunity to list three regional offices for placement. Most states only have one; Texas has two (Waco and Houston). Areas with WARTAC training are usually oversaturated and availability is extremely limited. WARTAC has a strict timeline of events, as well as the need for a federal resume. There is a mandatory brief that usually occurs two months prior to the start of class. Class is only run twice a year. Students must be active duty the entire length of class. The positions has sliding scale for the first three years starting as a GS-07, GS-09, and GS-10. Training is free of charge.

Resume Specifics for WARTAC:
1. Ability to utilize computer software
2. Explanation of how they research, interpret, analyze regulations
3. Ways in which they communicate to employees

Steven’s Transportation—3 Weeks:**
Commercial Driver’s License Training that has two options. First, students can agree to a twelve month job placement with Steven’s and training is free. Otherwise, they may opt for the paid training that will help them acquire a Class- A CDL and leaves them as independent drivers.

Troops into Transportation (CDL School)—4-5 Weeks**
Commercial Driver’s License training that requires student payment, but leaves student open to fielding numerous job offers. Schools works with 12 different partners to pre-hire students. Classes run every two weeks and is a great option for chapters, with a quick out date.

While they offer the same basics, each one has more specifics that the students should be aware of before they make a decision. The CSP office recommends the student talk to each company prior to signing with either in order to make the best informed decision when it comes to pay, location, actual drive time, time home, and additional endorsements offered.

City of Austin Veterans Internship Program—Up to 22 Weeks
Currently working with two departments. First, Fleet Management which is the preventative maintenance on all of the cities vehicles. Secondly, the Energy department, which is fixing cable lines as well as being dispatched to natural disaster areas. There is no designated class start dates with either program, as we begin matching them when we have students interested. Training is free of charge.

Caliber Collision—18 Week Training: br />
Collision Repair that teaches all aspects of the trade except painting. Classes are initially being taught at Central Texas College, with the anticipation of a move to a designated Caliber Training Facility in the near future. Classes are tentatively scheduled to start every six weeks. Upon completion of the class, placement will be at Caliber Collision centers regionally, from California, south through Texas and then up the east coast. Caliber is in 17 states and widely expanding. Any MOS is encouraged to apply as they teach all of the information needed. Company is looking for highly motivated personnel, looking to invest in this career. Training is free of charge.
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