Email Services

Service Description

NETCOM provides email services for the CONUS Active Directory Forest.  Fort Hood NEC locally maintains and houses Microsoft Exchange 2003 email servers for the sole purpose of providing email service to authorized account holders on the Fort Hood network.  Service includes maintaining the email infrastructure and troubleshooting issues to ensure email service is readily available to all Fort Hood email account users.

Read the Ft Hood Email Policy

NEC Responsibilities

  • Provide email services to include host support and account management.
  • Provide 100MB mail storage per user.
  • 24x7 operation (with 3 hours weekly scheduled for preventive maintenance).
  • Achieve email server availability of 99% (24x7), excluding scheduled maintenance.
  • Respond to requests for assistance regarding email or services submitted via trouble ticket.
  • Perform mail server Service Pack updates.
  • Perform mail server Antivirus updates.
  • Provide database and mailbox recoverability.

Customer Responsibilities

  • Maintain own mailbox so as not to exceed mailbox limits.  This includes taking necessary actions to ensure mailbox does not exceed limit while user is on extended leave or TDY.
  • Submit trouble tickets either online or via phone call to helpdesk regarding issues or problems as they arise.
  • Adhere to all email policies and procedures, to include those published by Fort Hood in addition to AR 25-1 and AR 25-2.
  • Alert NEC immediately when a user departs or changes duty station in order to remove any e-mail referencing the user account.
  • Utilize Government e-mail and all it's components for official business only.  
  • Utilize ONLY Government email services for official business.  Use of commercial email for official Government business is prohibited by AR 25-1 and AR 25-2

Questions/Contact Information

If you have any questions, please contact your IASO. If you do not know your IASO or your organization does not have an IASO assigned, please contact the NEC Help Desk at


Mission Statement: Provide transparent delivery, sustainment and defense of LandWarNet capabilities across the Fort Hood AOR enabling unity of command and synchronization of the Enterprise in support of full spectrum operations.


Vision Statement: Recognized SME and single service provider for all C4IM services, enabling information dominance across and through the Fort Hood AOR.