Requesting Official Wireline Telephone and FAX Services

Emergency official telephone repair service on existing devices is available by dialing 114 from any official telephone on the installation.

Requests for moves, additions, or changes to official telephone services are handled by the NEC Customer Service Branch through a system called CAIRS. Access to CAIRS is limited to individuals appointed by their unit as a Telephone Control Officer (TCO). Information on the requirements for TCOs can be obtained by calling the Telephone Service Center at 288-5800 or 287-8177.

Upgrade requests to the class of service on an existing telephone line requiring long distance or global access must be submitted into the CAIRS request system, and must have a memorandum signed by a O5 or above attached to the request. Class of service upgrades are requested by individuals appointed by their units as Telephone Control Officers (TCOs). A list of the classes of service for official telephones and sample copies of the required memorandum can be obtained by calling the Telephone Service Center at 288-5800 or 287-8177


Mission Statement: Provide transparent delivery, sustainment and defense of LandWarNet capabilities across the Fort Hood AOR enabling unity of command and synchronization of the Enterprise in support of full spectrum operations.


Vision Statement: Recognized SME and single service provider for all C4IM services, enabling information dominance across and through the Fort Hood AOR.