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Training Aids and Device Loan Warehouse
Building 22041 Sabot Drive
Room 104
254-287-4593 or 254-287-3619

The Training Aids and Device Loan Warehouse provides a wide selection of equipment for short term loan. A complete listing of Training Aids and Devices can be found in the TSC Digital Catalog.

Key Training Aids and Devices:

First Aid Training Aids

  • IV Arms
  • Resuscitation Annies
  • Moulage Kits
  • MARK-1 Kits / Diazepam Injectors
  • Rescue Randy

Primary Marksmanship Instruction (PMI) Training Aids

  • Rifle Rest
  • Target Paddle
  • Riddle Device
  • M16 Sighting Device
  • LMTS - Laser Marksmanship Training System
  • MACS

Opposing Forces (OPFOR)

  • Islamic Dress
  • Shirts
  • Weapons (In Limited Quantities)
    • AK-47
    • Sniper Rifle
    • RPG-7
    • 9mm Pistol
    • UZI
    • PKM Machine Gun
    • Grail

Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)

  • IED Training Kits
  • Iraq Mine Kits

Mine Kits (U.S. Mines) TIED Kit

  • Suicide Bomber Vest
  • Locally Produced TIEDs

Tank Rounds

  • 120mm
  • HEAT
  • MPAT
  • M102B Canister

AT4 Trainers and Subcaliber

Plastic M16s

Other Training Aids

  • Coffins and Flags
  • Small Noise Simulator
  • Static Displays
  • Artillery Simulator
  • Vehicle ID Kit
  • Grenade ID Kit
  • Sweep Monitoring System
  • EOF Dismounted Operation Module
  • Claymore Mines
  • M270 Chatering Kit

Short Term Equipment/Device Loan is a loan for less than 30 days. Requests for Issues or Turn-Ins, can be submitted to TSC Building 22041, Room 104. Units outside of Fort Hood must contact the Loan and Storage Lead at 254-287-4593 or 254-287-3619 for details in the processing of the FH Form 7021. Contact the Loan and Storage Lead at least two working days prior to actual date required. For additional information or questions regarding long term loans call 254-287-4593 or 254-287-3619.