INSTALLATION STATUS: Welcome to Fort Hood’s web presence. For post information please call: 254-287-1110. If you notice any Suspicious Activity report it to: 254-288-COPS.

Welcome to Fort Hood’s web presence. For post information please call: 254-287-1110. If you notice any Suspicious Activity report it to: 254-288-COPS.


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At The Great Place…
The Community Relations Branch of the III Corps & Fort Hood Public Affairs Office is proud of the outreach support it provides to communities throughout Central Texas and beyond. Some of the products and services available include:

  • Group tours
  • Subject matter expert speakers
  • Aerial flyover, static displays of Army aviation assets and ground equipment
  • Soldier Color Guard
  • 1st Cavalry Division Band, Horse Cavalry Detachment and the Division’s Museum
  • 4th Infantry Division Band and the Division’s Museum
  • Army Recruiting Command Educational Exhibits
…and so much more.

Seeking an Army spokesperson and more…
Citizens and civic organizations often want Army participation in their community events – such as a military band, color guard, exhibits, or a speaker. How’s that done?

The process starts with submitting a written request 45 days prior to the event via the post, e-mail or facsimile to the Fort Hood Community Relations Branch.

To request Fort Hood Army assets, submit your completed request by mail to:

Fort Hood Public Affairs Office
ATTN: Community Relations Branch
761st Tank Battalion Ave.
Bldg. 1001, Room W105
Fort Hood, TX 76544-5005

Fax your request to us at: 254-287-4081

For a list of military contacts in your state area, please refer to:
State National Guard Homepages or United States Army Reserve by using the "Unit & Command Locator" here. For information about military bands and to find a band located close to the event, refer to the Army Bands Online website here.

Real World Mission
Please realize all Armed Forces units have specific military missions and training requirements – this is especially the case at Fort Hood where so many III Corps units are actively engaged in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Participation in public programs can only be authorized when such support is in the best interests of the Dept. of Defense and the military services. The support must not interfere with unit mission or training programs. In all cases, operational commitments must take priority and can even cause previously scheduled appearances to be cancelled on relatively short notice.

No cost to the government
DoD policies require that Armed Forces participation in public events be provided at no additional cost to the government. The sponsor is required to pay, when necessary, the standard military services allowance for quarters and meals for all Armed Forces participants and for other services which have been determined in advance and agreed to by the sponsor.

Support recruiting
Armed Forces musical units are organized for ceremonial and traditional purposes and to support recruiting activities. However, they may be authorized to provide certain specified presentations, such as patriotic ceremonies, for public programs. Armed Forces musical organizations are not permitted to provide entertainment, background, dinner, dance or other social music at public or private events in competition with the customary or regular employment of local civilian musicians. More information about Army Bands can be found at

Limited resources
Limited resources permit only one band and/or choir to perform at an event, and the Military Services reserve the right to cancel support to sponsors who have scheduled more than one such military unit.

Aerial Support Requests New Picture 2

A current DoD Form 2535 "Request for Military Aerial Support" must be thoroughly completed to get you started on your request for an aircraft flyover, air show static display, tactical aircraft exhibit, post open house, or parachute demonstration.

This form must be completed and signed by the sponsoring organization, certified by the "owner" of the event site and approved by the local Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) before submission to Army Public Affairs.

FAA coordination
FAA coordination is not required for aerial events in Canada or Mexico or for static displays only. You should be able to find your area FSDO's address in your local phone directory under Government, or via the Federal Aviation Administration website.

Securing assets
Please submit your completed and signed DD Form 2535 at least 90 days in advance of the event. Incomplete forms and requests received within 14 days of the event will not be considered.

It’s important to note Army Public Affairs doesn’t schedule specific aircraft or units for specific events. They determine the eligibility of the event itself for potential support. It's the requester's responsibility to coordinate the possible participation of Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard flying units once OCPA has determined eligibility.

Real world mission
Again, requesters must recognize that "real-world" contingencies and training requirements take precedence over public events and any aircraft assets "promised" may be required to perform their assigned mission and therefore, subject to non-availability at the last moment.

Submitting your request
Depending on the nature of the request and the type of Army aviation assets requested – local or Army assets – contact our Community Relations Division 254-287-0105 or 254-287-7545 to discuss your request in detail. If it’s recommended you submit the completed DD Form 2535 to the Fort Hood Public Affairs Office, please use the postal address or fax number listed above.

If your request needs to go to Army Public Affairs in the Pentagon, you can mail or fax the first 3 pages of the form directly to:

Office of the Chief of Public Affairs
ATTN: Community Relations Team
1500 Army Pentagon, 1D470
Washington, DC 20310-1500

Phone: 703-695-2057
Fax: 703-695-6253 or 703-614-3354

Visit them on the web at:

For information about the Golden Knights Parachute Team, click here. For a list of contacts in your local state area, please refer to: State National Guard Homepages or United States Army Reserve.

Still have questions?
Army Outreach efforts – whether they originate in the Pentagon or at Fort Hood – provide a wide range of programs to better connect Americans with Soldiers of the U.S. Army. Wherever the American people are, your Army is there too.

America’s Army – especially the dynamic Soldiers stationed at The Great Place… Fort Hood – engages in outreach by participating in community activities, cultivating athletes and sportsman-like conduct, entertaining crowds with exciting performances, stimulating the desire to learn and discover, and much more.

To accomplish our goal of connecting with America, your Army has built an extensive network of local, regional and national outreach assets that span all Army elements and stretch around the globe. Call, write, or e-mail your Fort Hood Community Relations Team to discuss Army involvement in your next event. The staff can be reached at:

Fort Hood Public Affairs Office
ATTN: Community Relations Branch
761st Tank Battalion Ave.
Bldg. 1001, Room W105
Fort Hood, TX 76544-5005

Mrs. Nancy Bourget, Community Relations Branch Chief
Phone: 254-287-0105

Mr. Steve Moore, Public Affairs Specialist
Phone: 254-287-7545

Or fax your information request to: 254-287-4081