III CORPS Phantom Warrior Academy

Mission Statement:

To support the Army Force Generation by providing training to increase the combat readiness of III Corps units


  • Supplement MOS and Unit training by providing enhancement or sustainment training to soldiers, leaders, and trainers.
  • Develop and provide course instruction to alleviate training needs identified by Commander, III Corps or as identified during command inspections.
  • Annual Needs assessment establishes the need for each class.

  • Phantom Warrior Academy Class Schedule

    Web Sites:

    Air Assualt Combat Leader Course  Combatives

    Contact Us:

    Commander CPT Semon, Kurt W. 254-553-5308
    First Sergeant 1SG Thomas, Joshua P. 254-553-5308
    Operations NCO SFC Hernandez, Harold S. 254-553-7429
    Operations Specialist SFC Estrada, Alexander R. 254-553-7429
    Operations Specialist SGT Baker, Paige A. 254-553-7429
      SPC Martin, Andrew R. 254-553-7429

    Locate Us:

    BLDG 12009 33rd & Battalion Avenue RM 117 PHANTOM WARRIOR ACADEMY
    BLDG 12009 33rd & Battalion Avenue RM 114 SAMG
    BLDG 19033 53rd & Murphy Road Air Assault (AA) Classroom
    1975 Murphy Road AA Obstacle Course
    Murphy road (Behind Obstacle Course) Rappel Tower/Black Hat LZ/Lowers
    BLDG 87030 (Old Warrior Way PX) Old Combatives Ironside and Martin Dr
    BLDG 19032 53rd (Behind AA classroom) Medical Simulation Training Center