INSTALLATION STATUS: Welcome to Fort Hood’s web presence. For post information please call: 254-287-1110. If you notice any Suspicious Activity report it to: 254-288-COPS.

Welcome to Fort Hood’s web presence. For post information please call: 254-287-1110. If you notice any Suspicious Activity report it to: 254-288-COPS.


III Corps Commanding General, Lieutenant General Sean MacFarland

Commanding General

Lieutenant General
Sean MacFarland


Phantom Warrior 6 Professional Reading List

Deputy Commanding General, Major General Kendall P. Cox

Deputy Commanding

Major General
Kendall P. Cox


Deputy Commanding General, Brigadier General (UK) Tim Lai

Deputy Commanding

Brigadier General (UK)
Tim Lai


COL David A. Lesperance

III Corps
Chief of Staff

David A. Lesperance


III CSM Alonzo J. Smith

III Corps
Command Sergeant Major

Command Sergeant Major
Alonzo J. Smith


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III Corps Priorities

1. Combat Readiness is built on three efforts:

  • Training. It must be tough, realistic and done to standard.

We focus on:

  • Joint Combined Arms Maneuver that applies all elements of combat power to defeat enemy forces.
  • Expeditionary Mission Command that balances the art of command and the science of control in austere environments.
  • Weapons Qualification and Gunnery to make III Corps units the most lethal in the world.
  • Training Management to get the most out of scarce training time and resources.
  • Rapid Deployability. Soldiers must be fit and units must be ready to deploy when our nation calls. We achieve this through planning, short notice deployment exercises, accurate reporting, and individual Soldier readiness checks.
  • Materiel Readiness. As an Armored Corps, we rely on our equipment in combat. Strong Maintenance and Supply Discipline programs are critical.

2. Leader Development is the key to all three Combat Readiness efforts.

Leaders in combat must lead from the front and share risks with their Soldiers. Therefore, all III Corps Soldiers must prepare for the next level of responsibility and all leaders must train their replacements.

  • Company Command Teams are the Decisive Point in leader development; it is where authority and information have the greatest overlap, but resources and experience are limited.
  • Talent Management processes identify and develop unique skills and our future senior leaders early.
  • NCO Leadership at all echelons must increase our Soldiers' competence and their trust in their chains of command.
  • Mounted Warfare is the unique expertise of III Corps and our leaders must develop their skills and pass them along to the rest of the Army.
  • The Profession of Arms is the name of our profession and all III Corps activities should be guided by its ethic, the Soldier's Creed. We must all treat one another with the professional respect each Soldier deserves.

3. Quality of Life for our Soldiers and their Families must be the best our nation can provide, on duty or off.

4. Community Relations with our neighbors and partners to keep our Army connected to the American people. Our Soldiers, through their actions and interactions, must tell the Army Story.

III Corps Mission

III Armored Corps and its subordinate units are prepared to rapidly deploy and conduct the full range of military operations to seize, retain, and exploit the initiative, in order to deter or defeat any adversary. The Corps is prepared to exercise mission command of Army, joint, and multi-national forces, as a corps, joint task force (JTF) or combined joint forces land component command (CJFLCC).

III Corps Vision

III Corps is the world's premier mounted force, highly lethal, trained and ready to conduct sustained, expeditionary, operational maneuver anywhere in the world. Our Soldiers are fit, disciplined, and expert at their battle tasks; our Leaders are specialists in mounted warfare and fully invested in the Profession of Arms. Our Families and installations are resilient and well integrated into our partnered communities.

We are the "Phantom Warriors," ready to answer the nation's call.