INSTALLATION STATUS: Open Weather Warning 09-032 for Fort Hood valid (16/1505L) UFN Observed Lightning is occuring within 5 nm. of the Fort Hood Reservation

Weather Warning 09-032 for Fort Hood valid (16/1505L) UFN Observed Lightning is occuring within 5 nm. of the Fort Hood Reservation


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Table of Contents

Tab Number Date Subject
A CG-01 26 Sep 12 The Family First Corps
B CG-02 11 Apr 13 Privately Owned Firearms (POF) Registration Form
C CSM-01 29 Jun 12 Uniform and Appearance Policy
D CSM-02 27 Sep 11 Single Soldier Quarters Living Standards
E CSM-03 27 Nov 12 Fort Hood Army Retention Program
F SAFETY-01 11 Apr 13  III Corps Command Risk Management and Accident Prevention Program
G SJA-01 6 Dec 11 AR 15-6 Investigations
H SJA-02 2 Nov 09 Private Organizations
I SJA-03 11 Apr 13 Prohibited Substances
J SJA-04 5 Sep 13 Identification to Law Enforcement
K SURG-01 5 Oct 11 Commanders Guidance to Reduce Stigma of Mental Health Assistance and to Protect the Rights of Soldiers for Mental Health Evaluations
L SURG-02 6 Dec 11 Suicide Prevention: Reporting, Awareness Training and Agency Responsibility
M SURG-03 4 Aug 11 Human Chorionic Gonadotropic/Human Growth Hormone Diet Ban
N SURG-04 23 Nov 11 III Corps and Fort Hood Community Health Promotion
O SURG-05 18 Jun 12 Utilization of the Physical Profile
P NEC-01 2 Nov 09 Computer Network Security
Q EO-01 11 Apr 13 Equal Opportunity (EO) Program and Complaint Procedures
R SHARP-01 25 May 11 Sexual Harassment/Assault Response Prevention (SHARP)
S DAO-01 12 Nov 13 Robert Gray Army Airfield (RGAAF) Deployment Operations
T DFMWR-02 28 Nov 12 Army Family Advocacy Program (AFAP)
U DFMWR-03 30 Jan 12 Parent-Teacher Conference Policy
V DPTMS-01 24 Jul 14 Enhancing Protection of Fort Hood
W DPW-01 27 Sep 11 Command & Community Responsibilities Concerning Fort Hood Family Housing
X DPW-03 29 Jun 11 Fort Hood's Environmental Policy
Y DPW-04 9 Jan 12 III Corps and Fort Hood Energy and Water Conservation Policy
Z G1-01 2 Nov 09 Family Readiness Groups – Command Duties and Mission Accomplishment
AA G1-02 11 APR 13 Installation Voting Assistance Action Policy
BB G2-01 16 Jan 14 Intelligence Oversight Program
CC G3-01 2 Nov 09 Restrictions on Travel to Mexico
DD G4-01 2 Nov 09 Ammunition & Explosives (A&E) Amnesty Program
EE G3-02 4 Sep 13 Interim Command Policy on Physical Readiness Training
FF G4-02 14 Oct 11 Command Supply Discipline Program
GG G4-03 18 May 13 Manual Meal Card Management System
HH G4-04 5 Jun 14 Command Food Services Descipline
II DHR-01 18 May 13 Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP)
JJ DHR-02 11 Apr 13 Military Urinalysis Drug Testing Policy
KK DHR-03 14 Oct 11 Processing of Military Awards
LL HIST-01 2 Nov 09 Fort Hood Memorialization Program
MM DES-01 11 Apr 13 Off-Limits Establishments/Areas
NN HP-01 31 Jan 11 III Corps and Fort Hood Civilian Fitness Program
OO PROT-01 24 Jul 14 Operations Security (OPSEC)
PP PMO-01 02 Jun 11 Transportation and Use of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) for Training
QQ IG-01 11 Apr 13 Open Door Policy (COMBINED IG-01 & IG-02)