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Welcome to the Fort Hood Resiliency Campus web presence. For post information please call: 254-287-1110. If you notice any Suspicious Activity report it to:   254-288-COPS.

Welcome to the Fort Hood Resiliency Campus web presence. For post information please call: 254-287-1110. If you notice any Suspicious Activity report it to: 254-288-COPS.


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  • SGM: 630-2685
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The Ft Hood Army Wellness Center (AWC) is part of the Army's health promotion and wellness initiative, offering primary prevention services to our Ft Hood Community. Our focus is to help our clients identify health risks as well as prevent the development or retired military  personnel and their dependents, DoD Civilians, and Ft Hood DoD contractors (on a space available basis).


Climbing Wall:  Located in the Applied Fitness Center, this climbing wall is designed for people of all ages who want to climb. Don't miss the Boulder in the corner of the Applied Fitness Center, where you can practice your lateral movement. There are no age restrictions, but ALL climbers must sign the release. Minors under age 18 must have their parent sign the release. Climbing Wall Release

CrossFit Training: The Wellness Center offers an elite-fitness CrossFit class that challenges a person’s body to the max and uses varied functional movements such as: pushing, pulling, squatting, lifting and running, at high intensities. For those looking to accomplish a high-impact fitness class, visit the Applied Fitness Center and see what CrossFit has to offer!

First Tee Children's Golf: The First Tee serves youth by offering a free unique perspective toward learning the game of golf while appreciating the positive personal and social values associated with a lifelong game and physical fitness opportunity. The First Tee is building on this tradition by partnering with the Department of Defense to offer lessons free of charge to children and youth of those serving in our Armed Forces around the world. Fitness Machines: Our vast amount of exercise bikes, elliptical equipment, rowers, and Cross-Fit equipment will provide you with the perfect place to get your workout. With flexible hours, you will be able to come in before, during, and after work to expend all your energy.

Wii Fit: Wii Fitness games present a great opportunity for teens and even adults to have fun at the Applied Fitness Center. In a room supplied with several Wii gaming systems, everyone can play and work out at the same time. Youth younger than 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Resiliency Retreat Massage Therapy:  Check out the new massage therapy room, available by appointment. Three tables are available, complete with certified massage therapists, to accommodate Soldiers' needs. See us now for Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Relaxation, Reiki, and Prenatal Massages; or Reflexology. Click here for pricing.

Platoon CrossFit: Need a better workout for your platoon? The Applied Fitness Center now offers CrossFit workouts tailored to platoons of up to 40 people. Bring in your platoon for 5 days during PT hours and train them on physical fitness skills they can apply to a combat or field environment. Call now for scheduling at this number only: 285-5693

Yoga Classes:  The Applied Fitness Center offers yoga and pregnancy/postpartum yoga three times a week. Yoga is designed to enable you to begin from the immediate, present state of consciousness and move forward, day by day, into a state of wholeness, well being, and enlightenment. Pregnant? Put aside time for you and your baby through gentle and safe forms of yoga, appropriate for your pregnancy. Yoga will help relieve back pain and nausea while increasing stamina and overall physical health. It’s the perfect low-impact exercise that will help expectant and new moms stay in shape. Visit the Applied Fitness Center today and take part in the fun. The center is open to Active Duty Soldiers and/or Family members, retired military, Gold Star Family members, Civilians or DoD contractors.

Please feel free to call us for more information at (254) 288-8488



HOURS: 0500-2000 M-F, 10-2 Sat & Closed Sunday


AWC hours: 0730-1630



Fort Hood Warrior Adventure Quest Program (WAQ)

Fort Hood Warrior Adventure Quest Program (WAQ) is designed to substitute the adrenaline rush of combat action in a supervised, controlled, high adventure activity facilitated by the experienced NCO's trained in Comprehensive Soldiers Fitness and Civilian Contractors. Warrior Adventure Quest instills cohesion, builds teamwork, empowers small unit leaders, and maintains combat readiness through high-adventure outdoor activities. This program enables the Soldiers to reach a "new normal" by diminishing boredom and high-risk behavior through outdoor recreation and Leader Led After Action Debriefing. Soldiers will be able to draw similarities between the adventure activity and their Warrior experiences.

WHO: All Soldiers

WHAT: Designed to re-create the adrenaline rush of combat action in a supervised, controlled, high adventure activity which is supervised by MRT Trained NCO's. AT NO COST TO THE UNIT

WHY: Mitigate high-risk behaviors, builds unit cohesion, increases Soldier and unit morale

Where: Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area (BLORA) Boulders Climbing Gym, Harker Heights.

HOW: Three Step Process
1.Day prior: Sustainment/Leader-led After Action Debrief (LLAAD)class day prior.
2.Day of: High Adventure Activity. We supply ALL equipment and transportation for event. Unit/Soldiers are responsible for own food.
3.Following event: LLAAD and Post Survey

Program Activates are as follows:
2)Rock Climbing
3)Mountain Biking

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  • Warrior Adventure Quest