Occubrowser provides a complete resource of
job descriptions and occupational information.
It also contains the most comprehensible and
current data about jobs in the United States.
You can use the information in Occubrowser

bullet Find generic job descriptions and their requirements
bulletFind census wage data for occupational categories
bulletFind national employment projections for occupational categories
bulletFind state and local employment projections for occupational categories
bulletFind schools that offer training related to occupations
bulletPrint reports of job descriptions and related information
bulletFind related groups of occupations


Self Assessment


What is Self Assessment?
Choices opens a world of opportunities for you, helping implement career
plans with connections to schools, job banks, tools for writing resumes, practicing
for interviews, and planning a career search. You get powerful OnTrack
accountability tools and more time to focus on proactive counseling. Users
get comprehensive and easy-to-use databases for occupations, colleges, and financial aid resources.
Validated assessments support self-directed exploration and planning so you don't have to.
The Interest Profiler identifies your interests and personal reports highlight your top interest areas
and their related occupations. The Work Importance Locator assesses six work values and relates them
to occupations. Choices engages you in an interactive process that builds self-knowledge, encourages
exploration in occupations and schools, and helps you plan for the future.