Need To Complete Your

In order to complete your resume, cover letter or surf the Net using
the ACAP XXI system, you must complete a workshop or The Job
Assistance Training Application (JATA). To assist you in the
preparation of your resume, there are Research Tools you can also
Below is an explanation of each aspect of ACAP Tools.

What is JATA?

JATA uses an interactive, multimedia approach and full motion
videos to present the basics of the job search process in six training
modules. Each module teaches a single phase of the process. You'll
learn to:

The modules are designed in a similar manner, with an introduction,
topics and a summary. Some also contain quizzes to check how well
you understand the concepts that are introduced. Modules are
presented sequentially. You must complete each module before you
can progress to the next one. If you have attended a workshop, you
may access any of the modules and all of the tools.
You should allot four to six hours to complete the JATA. There is no
need to complete the JATA in one session. The program saves your
last session so you can continue at you convenience.

ACAP Tools

The Resume Writer

The Resume Writer Tool is a custom resume writing application,
which is designed for use of the ACAP XXI client. Any data put on
this systemmust be saved to disk or flash drive. You may copy data
from one version of a resume to another, to facilitate rapid creation
of a variety of resumes. The Resume Writer application is accessed
from the ACAP XXI Writing Tools Menu.

The Resume Writer Tool:

The Letter Writer

The Cover Letter and Thank You letter generator works in a fashion
similar to the Resume Writer. It takes you step-by-step through the
process of writing a thank you letter or a cover letter. Just fill in the blanks.