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If you are like many soldiers separating from active duty, finding a
new job is one of your top priorities. The Transition Assistance
Program (TAP)/ACAP provides job assistance training workshops
that are designe
d to give you and your adult family members the
basic knowledge and skills necessary to plan and execute a
successful job search. Training includes but is not limited to
learning how to set goals, do research, prepare cover letters, write
resumes, be interviewed, and find jobs. Research has demonstrated
that the more job assistance services a person receives, the higher
their starting salary will be and the faster they can expect to obtain
employment. The workshop provides separating personnel all the
skills and knowledge needed to obtain a new career. Information is
also provided to attendees regarding veterans’ benefits, health
insurance, joining the Reserve and National Guard,and how to file
for disability and unemployment insurance benefits.
Call (254) 288-2227 or (254) 288-JOBS to make an appointment to
attend the workshop. Normally appointments for this workshop are
made at the Preseparation Briefing. Workshops are 3 days in length
and held weekly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 0800
to 1700.

Civilian attire is welcomed!

There are 2 types of workshops we offer at ACAP.
Choose the one that applies to you:

Three-Day Transition Workshop = ETS, Medical Discharge &

Three-Day Retiree Transition Workshop = Retirees

Need To Schedule An

You can easily use the scheduling module on the
ACAP XXI system to schedule appointments for:

bulletWorkstations (Computer Lab)
bulletEvents (Workshops)

Simply log on to the ACAP XXI system and:
bulletChoose "Scheduling"
bulletNext, "Schedule appointment"
bulletChoose which appointment you'd like to make and continue
through the process