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Copeland Services Support Center


  • Oversee the personnel management system in support of unit readiness, in and out processing, ID cards, separations, reassignment processing, retirement services, casualty/mortuary affairs, automation management, mobilization and demobilization operations.
  • Provide reliable and responsive document management services IAW statutory requirements to the installation and activities located in Fort Hood’s geographical area for printing, publications and records management disciplines.
  • Eliminate substance abuse threat to readiness and enhance the quality of life for members of the command through prevention, awareness, education, early identification and rehabilitation of military, DA civilians and their family members.
  • Deliver quality educational programs and services that enhance personal growth, professional development, and readiness.
  • Provides statutory military and Veterans Administration benefits information, and quality transition assistance and job search assistance to separating and retiring Soldiers and family members.
  • Oversee a structured resident and nonresident workforce development program fully supported by the command for supervisors, team leaders and employees; lead administrator for NSPS Pay Pool, provide advice on NSPS issues and the Performance Appraisal Application (PAA) tool.

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