CCF Out-Processing Briefing (Page 2)

Not more than 14 duty days prior to the scheduled departure date, based on the below list, Senior Soldiers will view the Online Central Clearance Briefing.

  • PCS Leave. (Per HRC and DFAS, all PCS leave forms MUST go to the actual Report Date. No Exceptions!)

  • Transition Leave.

  • PTDY (must be taken in conjunction with ordinary leave.)

  • ETS/Separation/Retirement Date (if not taking any leave.)

Central Clearance Packets that are received prior to the 14 duty days, as indicated on the current “Document Submission Calendar,” will be returned without action. In addition, due to the high volume of packets received and limited space in the mailbox, incomplete packets or documents with errors will be returned without action. You will be required to submit the completed packet again for processing.

Central Clearance Packets submitted on federal or training holidays are not processed until the next duty day.

*Duty days are based on the III Corps Holiday Observance calendar only.*

All clearing must be conducted in duty uniform.

AG Insignia *Brief Continues on Page 3*