CCF Out-Processing Briefing (Page 4)


Once you have submitted your Central Clearance Packet, you will receive a confirmation email by noon the following duty day stating your packet was either accepted or rejected.  If the packet has been rejected, please follow the instructions as indicated and resubmit as required.  Please note that if you have not received an email confirmation on the status of your packet by noon the following duty day, please call (254) 287-4628 or (254) 287-7990 to follow up with us to ensure receipt of your packet.

Two (2) duty days after your Central Clearance Packet has been accepted,  Installation Clearing papers will be provided to you through your email account. If your clearing papers are not received by 1200 to the email address you provided on the Data Worksheet and received in your confirmation email, please call (254) 287-4628 or (254) 287-7990.

The Out-Processing Office utilizes a database called the Installation Support Module (ISM) to aid in the Pre-Clearing process.  75% of all agencies listed on the clearing papers use ISM and have two duty days to check their systems to see if the Soldier needs to clear them.  This greatly reduces the clearing process for the Soldier.

Soldiers who are authorized to use the Online Brief may sit in the classroom brief, but this will be on a "space available" basis.  The classroom brief is for CPL and below and all Chapter cases only.

Due to limited space in the CCF mailbox and the amount of packets received daily, we ask that you do not try to correspond with the office using the mailbox address.  Please call us if you need additional information.

All packets must be scanned and emailed to the mailbox.  For assistance see your S1.  Any packets that are dropped off at the office must be picked up at the specified time in Room A209 at the Copeland Soldier Center.  They WILL NOT be emailed out.

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