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Installation Adjutant General Transition Center
Building 18010, 3rd Floor - Room B309

Transition Instructions

  1. All soldiers MUST submit to building 18010 (Room B309), Transition Worksheet, a DA Form 31 (Request for Leave) (if requesting Terminal Leave or Permissive TDY (if authorized), at least (30) days prior to the start of their transition leave.
  2. Report to the Transition Center Building 18010 (Room B309) on your separation date, or the workday before the start of your terminal leave or permissive TDY.
    1. One DD Form 214 briefings are held daily Monday thru Friday (except Federal Holidays on Monday and Training Holidays on Friday) 0730 hours for ETS, chapter and medical separations only.
    2. You must report on Friday if your transition date or start of leave begins on the weekend.
    3. If Friday and/or Monday are a holiday, report on Thursday, for the separation briefing, if your transition date is during that weekend.
    4. Be prepared to be at the Transition Center several hours based on corrections to DD Form 214 and number of Soldiers separating.
    5. Note: Must be in uniform to clear or have a memorandum signed by the unit commander authorizing you to clear in any other uniform. Soldiers separating under Chapter 8 and 10 can be in civilian attire with appropriate documentation.
  3. Prior to reporting for final transition briefing ensure you have:
    1. Finance stamp on Installation Clearance papers and you receive the Finance Checklist.
    2. Installation Central Clearance Stamp (Green Stamp) Bldg 18010 (Rm A309)
  4. Other instructions:
    1. Do NOT make any plans, appointments or transportation arrangements during your scheduled appointment time. NO CHILDREN are allowed during the briefing.
    2. Bring your Installation Central Clearance Papers, ACAP checklist, Finance Separation Information Sheet, DA Form 31, DD Form 93, SGLI, and most recent EOM LES to the Transition Center for your final out appointment.
    3. Bring your personal copies of awards, military schools, DA Form 4187's for Lost time, promotion orders/4187, Article 15's, overseas reassignment orders and all other documents you may need to update your DD Form 214.
    4. If you signed a contract with the National Guard or Reserves please ensure you have an extra copy of the contract with you.
    5. Personnel that have been deployed bring a memorandum signed by the Company Commander stating the location and the exact dates you were deployed, if ERB is not updated.
    6. Transition orders must be correct prior to processing at the Transition Center. Please check each item to ensure all information is correct: Name, SSN, Rank, Current Unit of Assignment, and Reporting Date to the Transition Center, Discharge or Release Date. Place Entered Active Duty (PLEAD), and Home of Record. Report any errors immediately to the issuing agency.
    7. Bring a Black Pen and your CAC card to speed up and assist us with your processing. Know your PIN number to CAC card, you will digitally sign your DD Form 214.
  5. Final Transition Briefing will consist of:
    1. Reviewing and signing transition documents (DD Form 214).
    2. A group briefing explaining benefits and entitlements after transition.
    3. Presentation of transition documents, along with a call back sheet if needed.
Immediately following the transition briefing, all Soldiers will go to Finance, Bldg 18010, (RM A209) and provide a copy of DD Form 214 and orders