Division West Surgeon

The Division West Surgeon (DS) office provides medical expertise and advice to the Division West Commanding General and Staff in support of Pre-Mobilization Training and Readiness Oversight, and Post-Mobilization Operations. The Division Surgeon executes staff oversight of all RC units and personnel that are assigned, attached, or OPCON to Division West (Training Brigade Medical Personnel and Mobilized RC Units.) In conjunction with the First Army Command Surgeon's office, the DS establishes medical training and readiness requirements, coordinates training and resources, and monitors medical readiness processing of mobilized RC units and personnel.

CSA Wounded Soldier and Family Hotline: 1-800-984-8523
Hours: 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week
Overseas DSN: 312-328-0002
Stateside DSN: 328-0002
Email: WSF Support

Behavioral Health: Army Behavioral Health Website


Surgeon POCs

POC Commercial DSN
Division Surgeon 254-553-4592 633-4592
Surgeon Sergeant Major 254-553-4591 663-4591
Medical Logistics Officer 254-553-4589 663-4589
Surgeon Admin Assistant 254-553-4581 663-4581
Medical Logistics Officer 254-553-4589 663-4589
Medical Readiness NCOIC 254-553-4578 663-4578
Surgeon Clinical OPS 254-553-4893 663-4893
Medical Operations Officer 254-553-5037 663-4588
Medical Training Officer 254-553-4577 663-4577

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