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The 402d Field Artillery Brigade was constituted 25 January 1943 in the United States Army as Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 402d Field Artillery Group and later activated on 15 March 1943 at Camp Butner, North Carolina. The unit participated in the following campaigns during World War II:

Northern France
Ardennes-Alsace (Battle of the Bulge)
Central Europe.

Inactivated 26 October 1945 at Camp Kilmer, New Jersey.

Redesignated 16 March 1985 as Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 402d Brigade (Training,) activated at Lawton, Oklahoma, and assigned to the 95th Training Division. The unit was organized with a command section, a training committee, and five subordinate battalions with 24 training batteries. The battalions were designed as units of the 89th Field Artillery Regiment, with the 1st Battalion in Tulsa, Oklahoma; the 2d Battalion in Amarillo, Texas; the 3d Battalion in Denton, Texas, the 4th Battalion in the vicinity of Fort Worth, Texas; and the 5th Battalion in Wichita Falls, Texas.

On 25 January 1991, the 402d Brigade (Training) was mobilized in support of Operations Desert Shield/ Desert Storm. Detached from the 95th Training Division and attached to the Army's Field Artillery Training Center of Excellence, Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

Inactivated 16 October 1996 at Lawton, Oklahoma.

On 01 December 2006 the Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 402d Brigade (Training) withdrew from the Army Reserve and allotted to the Regular Army, being re-designated as an Active Army Headquarters, and activated at Travis Air Force Base, California.

The 402d Field Artillery Brigade's mission is to conduct post mobilization training for Army Reserve units, convoy/entry control point live fire training, and detainee operations for Army Soldiers, Air Force Airmen, and Navy Sailors. The 402d Field Artillery has trained in excess of 15,000 service members since its move to Ft. Bliss, Texas.

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