Department of Defense Activity Address Code



What do we do first?

Contact III Corp Readiness at 254-287-7784 to activate rear Unit Identification Codes(UIC).

What is our next step?

Complete a UIC search in Logistics Information Warehouse (LIW) to ensure that the rear UICs have been activated.

Once rear UICs have been activated where do we get our deployment DoDAACs?

Once rear UIC has been activated contact the Installation DoDAAC coordinator (254) 287-9254 or email at HOOD.DOL.DODAAC.COORDINATOR.DISTRO@CONUS.ARMY.MIL. Ensure you provide UIC information, Camp / FOB name, deployment location and operation name.


  • Camp Victory
  • Iraq
  • Operation New Dawn

DODAAC Coordinator

Bldg 89010 2nd Floor Rm 333



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