Department of Defense Activity Address Code



Our unit is headed out to NTC, when do we contact the DODAAC coordinator?

30 days prior to scheduled training.

Is the 30 day prior notification just for NTC?

No, the notification is required for any mission related exercise. Example JRTC, NTC, Humanitarian.

What DODAACs will be required for NTC?

Standard Army Maintenance Systems Enhanced (SAMS-E) or a Standard Army Maintenance Systems Functional Maintenance (SAMS-EF) DODAAC.

Does the unit take home station DODAACs?

Yes, the unit will take either a PBUSE or S4 home station DODAAC.

Do I contact anyone when I take a home station DODAAC for exercises.

Yes, S4 must submit approved DEPEX and home station DODAAC to their G8 for funding, then the home station G8 will coordinate with the NTC G8.

Will the DODAAC coordinator contact us?

Yes, the DODAAC coordinator will inform the requestor of DODAAC assignment and completion via e-mail.

DODAAC Coordinator

Bldg 89010 2nd Floor Rm 333



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