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We are headed home what is our main priority to ensure we have a smooth DODAAC transition?

Ensure all deployment DODAACs are cleared by 1st TSC prior to returning home.

What is the DODAAC home station realignment process?

1.    1st TSC will send LOGSA a DODAAC list of all units that have been cleared.

2.    LOGSA will change the DODAAC from Theater to Sierra Army Depot (TAC 1 and TAC 2).

3.    Unit PBO needs to contact the Installation DODAAC coordinator to verify if the unit DoDAACs have been changed to Sierra Army Depot.

4.    Installation DODAAC coordinator will verify through AESIP and LIW; once the unit DODAAC reflects Sierra Army Depot the Installation DODAAC Coordinator will realign the home station DODAACs back to the parent UIC.

5.    The DODAAC coordinator will inform the requestor of which DODAACs have been realigned via e-mail.

DODAAC Coordinator

Bldg 89010 2nd Floor Rm 333



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