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Half Track

We've been given the task of restoring a M15A1 halftrack vehicle. This vehicle is to be used for ceremonial purposes. We have established this portion of our website to share our experiences during our restoration as well as to ask for assistance from anyone with experience working on a M15A1. If you can assist us in any way please use call or email us.

"Tumble Bee"

Fort Hood is home to more than 10,000 shipping containers that consistently require maintenance and repair. A new device, created at the installation by the Container Mobile Action Team (CMAT), has helped speed the maintenance process as well as increased the safety for the workers. The maintenance mission of these CONEX containers falls largely on the backs of a 10-man crew at Fort Hood’s Directorate of Logistics Division of Materiel, Maintenance Branch. Using ingenuity, materials on hand and some hard labor, the crew built a device that rotates these massive shipping containers. Using the device eliminates several steps in the maintenance process and creates a safer work environment by removing many previous hazards.

The flyer below is in .PDF format, and will require the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader or a similar program.

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