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Mobilization Support Site

North Fort Hood is a strategic platform for deployment and redeployment support of the Army Reserve and the National Guard. Although considered a remote site because of its geographical location, the site is well within the confine of the installation, and receives all of its support from the installation proper. The site is constantly being renovated to expand its capacity in support of future conflicts. The following outlines the capacity of the site and some of the renovations and expansion that have been effectuated since the beginning of the Global War on Terrorism:

Mobilization Support Site Commodity and Capacity

Billeting 2150 Beds, 6 VIP Rooms, 190 BOQ 2626 personnel
Dining Facility 3 Each/90min feed Cycle 800 personnel per facility
Wash Rack Facility w/bird bath for 5 vehicles 40 vehicles at once
Airstrips 2 EA paved 3500Ft Longhorn 2400Ft Shorthorn
PX 4,800 sq Catalog Order
MWR/USO BLDG 56480 (U/L)
Emergency Services Fire Protection and EMS 24/7 full services

Mobilization Support Site POC Listing

Position Phone
Chief Mobilization 254-287-4445
Billeting/Admin 254-288-5416
Dining Facility 254-288-0668/0584/0672
Airfield 254-287-7585
DPW Service Order 254-287-2113
Emergency Services 254-288-0117
AAFES-NFH Shopette 254-532-1452
Information Assurance Security Office 254-288-6278
Security Clearance Office 254-286-5323

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